Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shopping Stop.

 I've started a new internship, and while not adhering strictly to any dress code, they do ask that you dress in a representative fashion and keep it a bit professional. What better excuse for a shopping trip?
Mainly wanted to get a blazer - which can turn almost anything from just casual to business casual. And would you look at that ADORABLE bow detailing? Such a lovely touch. (Blazer came from H&M.)

Then, uh, temporarily stepping down from representative and professional.. I stumbled upon this Pink Floyd top and had to have it. I still feel a bit funny about H&M selling bandwear. It doesn't sit entirely right with me.
But I genuinely like Pink Floyd so I couldn't let this one go. Bought my mother corresponding Fleetwood Mac top they had. 
Also, gorgeous teal corduroy trousers. Though you can't really tell they're teal in the picture. 

Ah, fantastic C&A! Having a range of types of jeans that make me feel like my body type is allowed to exist. I love H&M, but their insistence on having almost everything be skinny fit bothers me immensely. Anyone else get that over there?
I love a good ol' fashioned boot cut, I really do. If I had the funding, I'd prance around in extravagant bellbottoms pretty much all the time. But yeah, most of my jeans are pretty worn out and fray like crazy at the bottom so I needed some I could wear to work and not worry about.

Isn't that colour just FANTASTIC on footwear?
My word. I was actually looking for shoes that'd keep me closer to the ground, but I saw these and wanted to try them on. And then I wanted to keep them. Forever.
Also a top in roughly the same colour. Skull made up of hearts! Lovely.