Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Abunai Acquisitions.

I mentioned having been to the Abunai anime convention in a previous post, and I hadn't really expected to be spending a lot of money there, seeing as my interest in anime, manga and Japanese culture pretty much died down when I was around eleven.. still, I found some nice things to take home with me!

First off, my prized buy of the day. Requires - I should think - very little introduction, but I'm going to give one anyway. I'm sure you're all familiar with the following painting -
Salvador Dalí's 'The Persistence of Memory'
Who doesn't love Dalí? And who hasn't dreamed of having one of those awesome melting clocks? Well...

I've got one! It's cool. You cannot possibly deny that this is one super cool clock. And here's a side view, in case you wondered how that worked. It can hang fairly well off any flat surface, though it has come tumbling down once or twice. I originally wondered if it wouldn't take on a simple decorative function and would be impractical to actually tell time on, but it's really not problematic in the slightest. The numbers are so that it's still perfectly readable. Yay! I'm especially happy because I needed a clock anwyay.

Next, this tiny perler bead Gameboy ring.
Wanted because that's the kind of Gameboy I've got - the Atomic Purple Gameboy Color.
I don't actually wear a lot of rings. I've got skinny fingers so most rings one stumbles accross won't fit me, and I'm generally too cheap to go for the pricier variety, even if you can find those in more sizes or get them remade.
I intended to give a better view with the close up, but it's not actually that much bigger. Oh well.

And now a fun reminder that I am indeed a weird kid. I saw this clip-on bow and I needed it. I really like things with eyeballs on them, not sure why. I just do. Kinda reminds one of Tim Burton, doesn't it?
Not really the type of thing I'd be likely to wear to work, though.


  1. i nominated you for the Liebster Award.



    1. Thanks, but I already filled that in recently ♥.