Monday, 17 September 2012

Product Review - Stamping (+ Discount!)

Hey guys. I was approached by KKCenterHk to review a few of their nail art products, so here's the first of two!
(And scroll down for a discount coupon code!)
Fair warning; quite a picture-heavy post.

I was quite excited about this because I haven't really done much nail stamping in a while. I've gone a bit rusty when it comes to technique.
Anywho -
The products here are;
SPPMB37 stamping plate.
Product page
JR1055 Scraper and stamp set.
≫ Product page
As you can see, both products are neatly and individually packaged.

When I opened up the stamp and scraper bag, this happened. Yeah. But it plopped right back into position so no real problem there.

Removing the plastic, as you do..

Now for the proper product review - I'm really pleased with the stamping plate. The shapes are neatly done and the polish filled the ridges well.
I must admit I had a little bit of trouble with the scraper, but with my own stamping set I have the same issue. I'm generally inclined to use an old student pass I had lying around, and will admit to having resorted back to that after one go - I don't like wasting my Konad stamping polishes if I don't have to. The scraper supplied is all plastic, no metal, so the plate is at no risk of being damaged from use.
I just can't apply the pressure to those things evenly or something, so student pass it is for me.
As you can see, the image transfers to the nails pretty much as well as is generally expected. I see no difference in quality from my Konad or Essence stamp plates, so I'm satisfied!

Couldn't resist stamping another image while I was at it. Don't you love this cute little skull guy? I think he's adorable.

Upon first contact, I've browsed the KKCenterHk website, and they really have a very large collection of (very affordable) stamping plates. It was so hard to choose one for review. Definitely check it out, there's bound to be something for everyone.

Keep your eye out for the next review!

KKCenterHk sent me these products purely for the purpose of review, I have not received any special compensation for doing so, and the opinions stated are entirely my own.

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