Sunday, 11 January 2015

Belle de Nuit

The subtleties of the shade proved difficult to photograph on the nail.
One half of YSL's Duo No3, 'Belle de Nuit'. It's a gorgeous, luxurious, deep purple that goes with just about anything. It held up well for a few days but you can see the tipwear had already set in on the nail of my index finger.

I've grown a little weary of nail art attempts not going to way I want them to, so I've decided not to stress myself out over it and wear some specimens from my collection without any embellishments for a while. They are supposed to hold up well on their own, anyway.

I don't generally post attempts I've abandoned altogether, but I'm making the exception. I found myself insired by art deco patterns and wanted to expand on that with a mani. However after both these nails didn't match up to the standard I'd envisioned, I gave up on the attempt, but I liked the concept enough to give it an honourable mention of sorts here.