Monday, 3 September 2012


I wandered around the local Etos, browsing all the nail polish as I too so often do, when I stumbled upon Alessandro, a brand I can't say I've heard of before. They had several bigger bottles, but being unfamiliar with the brand I decided to try the cheaper 5 ml mini version. (Douglas carries the brand as well, but I don't venture there very frequently.)
I admit I have been toying with the idea of making the title for this post a Lady GaGa related one, since Alessandro keeps making me think of Alejandro.
Sadly, I have no name for the polish. I couldn't find a number that corresponded to the colour chart on the brand's website. Without further ado, here's pictures!
As a graphic designer, I can't really help judging anything by its cover; the same is true for nail polish. I must say that I love these bottles. The brush handle seems designed to give the idea of a better grip. Whereas the grip was fine, the same is true for smooth handles, so in effect it is more of a visual thing - and I like this visual thing.
I love the logo on top, too. That kind of thing really goes over very well with me as mentioned in the post with the new Essence bottles.
Two coats of polish and top coat.
 The polish itself seems fairly well pigmented, and I'd wager that on short nails you could get off with one generous coat. I also think it could lend itself to being used for stamping.
It's a good, solid polish with no detectable shimmer. I'm interested in trying more from the brand!

Have you tried Alessandro? Are you curious?


  1. Niet geheel mijn kleurtje maar ben wel benieuwd naar het merk Allesandro!

    1. Ook niet helemaal de mijne, eigenlijk. Maar de enige andere die er stond in mini was zwart, en ik wilde het merk wel graag proberen.