About Me.

Hey there!
As the title of the blog has undoubtedly given away, you will not be surprised to find out that I am Nakaya. Currently 23 years of age, art school graduate and nail polish enthusiast.

When I'm not polishing my nails, you'll find me with my nose in a book (usually science-fiction or a Sherlock Holmes pastiche), in front of the TV, drawing or in the gym.
(Also, I am a Dutch girl, so feel free to leave comments in Dutch if you prefer.)

That would be yours truly in a shopping cart. Art school was a strange place.

It was at some point in high school where my interest in nail polish grew beyond simply slapping a colour on and went more to the nail art side of things and a few years later I started to amass the bulk of my polish collection like a girl possessed.

I've been putting my nail art online since October 2010 (on deviantART), and had a Tumblr for them since December that same year, but I felt neither was quite the right platform for me to truly write about this passion of mine, and I think I have found that here in the format that Blogger offers. 

Nowadays the rabid collecting has slowed down and instead I focus more on trying to create beautiful things with what I already have. I have no space left to put more cases stuffed with polish bottles, so I try to stay away from buying unless it's really something unlike what I own already.

My collection, as of late 2014.

Outside of the wonderful world of nail polish and the few interests I've mentioned above, I enjoy naming cats after fictional characters.
Meet Murdock (white) and Sherlock (black).
And Greg (after Greg House).

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