Sunday, 22 January 2012

I'll pear the disappointment.

Artificial light,

(I'll bear it.. I'll pear it..? Get it? Puns. I warned you.)

The first of my blog posts that's going to be rather negative, I'm afraid.  I suppose there are two sides to every coin!

I thought the H&M 'Say No To Racism' polish set was an adorable collection of cute colours (despite the unoriginal names), and I especially looked forward to trying out 'Pear Icecream'.
Well, now I have.. and what an incredible let down it was.

Whereas I do absolutely love the colour (a pale minty green creme - that, by the way, in no way resembles actual pears) the formula was miserable. After 3 coats the colour of the nail still shone through in many places and the application was streaky. The brush left a few little black hairs (grrr!) behind in the polish and it seemed to scratch the layers underneath rather than neatly apply over it. I applied a fourth coat, and I'm still not entirely happy with the coverage, but decided to leave it at that. It's hardly going to improve much now.

At this point I'm unable to vouch for the other 3 polishes in the set, but as I bought it mainly to get my hands on 'Pear Icecream', I'm left a bit disillusioned.

Natural light.

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