Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hues of Blues.

Another non-current picture.
The blue consist of various layers; it was intended to be 'Bogota' bij Herôme's W.I.C. collection, but I found it to be so sheer I had to layer it. Underneath is an almost pastel cyan blue polish by Manhattan with Bogota on top, and I believe I tried a light blue polish from Essence in there somewhere.

The blue crackle is Miss Sporty, which crackled into much smaller pieces than I'd have liked. My other experience with crackle polishes lies with OPI's black shatter, which when applied with a relatively thick coat, crackles into nice big chunks, as I'm sure you know. I couldn't seem to replicate that kind of crackle with this blue.
But of course, this is a budget polish, and for the money I paid (€1.99 - no money at all) I can't say I'm disappointed. It's a nice shade of blue with an application I otherwise find acceptable. Having said that, Miss Sporty's black crackle crackles (what an overuse of the word!) just fine.

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