Monday, 16 January 2012

Abominable Snowwoman

Natural light
Don't let the title of this post mislead you, because there's nothing abominable about this polish. I just enjoy puns quite a lot. Prepare for more in the future.
The polish is of course my very recently acquired Essence Crystalliced '01 - It's a Snow-Woman's World'.
The colour hovers somewhere between a pale lilac and gray and I find it very nice to look at. No shimmer or sparkles in this one, just a straight up opaque colour very suitable for the winter.
This is 4 coats. I felt it was still to sheer at 3 to stop there.

Furthermore, each coat had to be applied a little thickly, or else the brush left annoying scratches; that was a bit of a turn off.
However it is an easily problem to compensate for, so if you like this polish, it's no reason to leave it standing in the store for such a small problem.

Artificial light - Flash


  1. I really like this colour o___o
    And I love your nails o___o
    They're so pretty >o<


    1. It's a nice one, isn't it?
      Thank you~!