Thursday, 29 August 2013

Strawberry Lollipop.

Another of H&M's little 'Say No To Racism'-set, 'Strawberry Lollipop'. I've reviewed two other polishes of the set before, and they really disappointed me (especially since I bought the full set mainly for one of them).

Anyone that knows me is aware pink isn't my colour, but one of my best friends - my Pinkie Pie, if you will - loves the colour. So for her birthday party recently I dug this out. Since I quite frankly had no trust in this polish beforehand, I layered it over a darker pink.

I can't wear pink without feeling like I have Barbie hands. It's strange how the colour on your nails can alter your perception of your hands so much.
It's a light, 'sweet' shade of pink. I don't recommend this particular polish because it really doesn't cover very well. I'm sure there's similar pinks of a better quality out there.

Artificial light - flash.

 Whatever your opinion - this polish is definitely suited to a Pinkie party!