Tuesday, 10 September 2013

100th post! + Even More Heavy Metallilac

I appear to have made it to a hundred posts! Have a silly doodle to celebrate.

Originally my idea was to try my hand (pun) at water marbling for my 100th, but it didn't.. really go all that well. Alas. And I didn't want too wait too long to make another point.
I have previously swatched Catrice's 'Heavy Metallilac' and I was exceptionally pleased with it at the time.
More recently (though still a fair while ago) I was given '31 - Even More Heavy Metallilac', one of the more recent Catrice polishes because it has the logo stand out on top of the bottle.

I'd wanted the opportunity to really see them side-by-side, because in my mind the colours were a lot closer.
The original Heavy Metallilac is decidedly closer to pink than its successor. Even More is a truer purple, bearing some similarity to From Dusk To Dawn.

They're both great, eye-popping colours with a fantastic shine to them. Two coats will do you just fine.