Saturday, 10 August 2013


Natural light.
It's hard not to wear copious amounts of green for me, it really is. Anyway, this fresh minty green is a Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours polish bearing the number 330. It requires a good three coats to stop the nail shining through too much, sadly. On that basis alone I wouldn't really recommend it. Yet, it's quite a nice colour, so if you can spare the time for the extra coat it's lovely!

I could give it another positive spin by suggesting it could be something close to a budget 'Island Palm'.

Sadly the second day of wearing it this polish got seriously beat up. This is mainly due to working with my hands (folding boxes, filling boxes, carrying boxes..), but that does mean I can't give a very accurate statement on how long it holds up before it starts chipping under 'regular' circumstances.

Artificial light - flash.


  1. Addicted to colors like these! Too bad you needed so many coats!

    1. It is a real shame.. but for a polish I wear so rarely I don't *really* mind.

  2. I have this color too! It's beautiful!