Sunday, 4 August 2013

Double Swatch.

Heya. Swatch time.
I'd describe this as a burgundy with purple undertones. It's a Miss Sporty polish bearing the number 340 and is apparently 'Long Lasting'. It started chipping on day two of wearing it but I guess 'long' is an undefined term.. I do really like the colour though it was hard to get it evenly over all the nails. I'm thinking another coat would have done it, though.
Flash - artificial light.
Somewhere down the line it appears I stopped doing these light comparisons, which is a shame, really. One picture in one kind of light is unlikely to really show the full scope of a colour so I intend to bring it back for my swatch posts. You can see the purple undertone in the artificial light quite well.

Bonus swatch that I still had lying around from June but would be silly now to devote its own post to:
This is one of the Rimmel polishes I was given for my birthday, '519 Desert Beauty'. I'm not sure how to describe this colour. It's not quite a gold. Too shiny to be described as really resembling sand which I think the polish name is aimed at. Like a lot of lighter tones it's hard to get longer nails covered opaquely, so it requires more coats for longer nails, less for shorter.