Monday, 2 July 2012

Golden Rose - Magnetic 06

I've tried the whole magnetic nail polish thing in the past, without much success, which I thought was a real shame when you saw the effect some managed to produce! In the end, I think it was the magnet I had (part of Essence Metallics).
Now, things have turned around for me..

This little baby made my nails come out just fine!
I like reading up on technique before I attempt this kind of thing, generally. You never know what helpful words of wisdom you stumble upon. The directions on the box, however, weren't of much use to me..

Err, yep, that cleared all my questions right up.
The polish was a gift, and had been purchased in Russia. Speaking Russian is not something I can count among my abilities, however.
On to the nail pictures!

The light from the window obscures the effect a bit, but still, you can see it really worked this time! I'm so pleased. As with most magnetic polishes, it's best if you put on a layer of polish before you start with the magnet.
One of my favourite qualities of magnetic polishes is that you get such depth. That's really something unparallelled - you just don't find that in any other type of 'quick nail art' polish. I don't care how long magnetic polishes have been around, I don't get tired of looking at it. 


  1. It's sooo pretty! Got the from the brand W7 and I keep staring at it as well, lovely!

    1. Isn't it! Yeah, I saw the post! Definitely hard to take your eyes off.

  2. Wauw, ik vind het echt heel mooi! Zelf heb ik nog geen magnetisch lakje uitgeprobeerd.

    1. Thanks! Geef 't eens een kans, zou ik zeggen.. :)

  3. Ziet er goed uit!! Al is het kleurtje nier helemaal mijn smaak.