Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Danger, danger, high voltage.

I used to really love watching Miami and LA Ink, and being an artist (albeit not of the tattoo variety) myself, that aspect of the shows just really appealed to me.
I think most will agree it's not hard to be impressed by Kat Von D's artistic ability. She's just good and I find her work inspirational.
Back in November 2010, Kat Von D held a booksigning of "The Tattoo Chronicles" in Amsterdam which I happily attended (I say happily, but there was also considerable time spent waiting outside) and I really just wanted to do some nail art for the occasion. I based it on the 'High Voltage' jacket she wears and styled her tattoo shop after. 
My buddy Lars, Kat Von D & myself.
Now, this mani is a pretty special one to me because Kat von D actually saw and liked it. (I originally hadn't planned on showing off but I thought 'what the hell!') She said she'd wanted her brother to take a picture, but the people of the American Book Center were trying to hurry everybody along so it never happened (it was insanely busy so I can't say I blame them.) 
I also recommend the book, by the way.


  1. So so cool! And LOVE K v D!

  2. wow!this is really really cool!!

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