Sunday, 8 July 2012

Let Them Talk.

I've posted House nails before, so it stands to reason I like Hugh Laurie. I got my mother his CD - Let Them Talk, and at one point got curious and gave it a listen myself, and it's actually really good. Yesterday, Mr Laurie performed at North Sea Jazz, in Rotterdam, and my mother and I went. The man is fantastic, that's all I can say. Fantastic. Definitely multi-talented.

Anywho, this isn't a music review blog; there is nail art at the heart of the matter!

I've really been on a matte kick lately, it seems. Letters painted with a 00 brush using the polish of my white Hema nail art striper, and subsequently painted over again with the respective colours. I'm not listing all the polishes used, but if you're after a particular one I'll happily let you know what it is.

Have a depressingly unimpressive quality photo as proof that I was there ;)..

Hugh on the left in purple.

Curious about the music? How about you go listen to this?
(Seriously though, check it out, buy the album, it's great.)