Saturday, 30 June 2012

And now for something completely different..

Help! I'm drowning in books! Books everywhere!
Heya. This post will be entirely unrelated to the subject of nail polish. Gasp, shock, awe! I know, I know. I've recently moved, so I haven't been posting much.
I, for one, quite like it when nail bloggers give us little insights into their lives that go beyond nail polish and show us more about them as people, but I rarely (and by rarely I mean never) seem to do it myself! Time to change that up a little - hope you don't mind. :)

This is my new wallpaper! It's only on one wall, so the room doesn't feel smaller than it is. Isn't it a beauty? I wanted something that made you think '221B Baker Street', basically. Canon or adaptation of your choice, just Baker Street, any will do. Looking at it, I realise it also kind of looks like my blog!

 I like to read. A lot. So one of the first things I started doing was unpacking a bunch of my books to put up on my shelves. Makes the room feel like my own, you know? On the last day of my internship, my wonderful colleagues presented me with this set of bookends, that literally spell out "BOOK - END". I love them, and they were exactly what I needed!

There's still a lot of boxes of stuff standing about that I haven't gotten around to unpacking yet, to me, putting my books neatly on display gave me a little oasis of order within all the chaos.

I no longer have a built-in sink and mirror in my bedroom, so I had to get a new mirror.
I was walking around Xenos looking for a picture frame when I ran into this baby. I'm really a sucker for things like this. Not sure whether that's because of my fondness for things that look Victorian, or to blame the influence of Tim Burton I was subjected to at a very young age.
Either way, I now have a cool mirror! (Any Dutch folk interested, it was 50% off - don't you just love a bargain?)

This is the end, my only friend, the end..
Now that we got that Doors reference out of the way, this is the other end of that bookshelf! The Sherlockian side.
I really love books.

I've recently obtained the first three seasons of House on DVD and I'm sure I'll expand upon them in the future.
The rest of my DVD collection is still in boxes, so this is all I have to show on that front.

I'm not coping very well with the fact that the show ended...
Come back House, I miss you :(.

I've christened our new fridge with this magnet. I have a similarly styled David Bowie magnet that will be joining it, but it's still packed.
I should probably add I still live with my family, and am basically just shoving my musical taste down their nose via fridge decoration.
Good thing my wonderful mother shares it ;)..

I think that just about covers the bulk of it! I hope you've enjoyed this non-nail polish post. Maybe learned a thing or two about me (not sure why you'd want to know but whatever). I don't usually do multiple posts in one day, but I'd like to just get this one out there and to then continue with your regularly scheduled programming ;).

There's no place like Holmes.