Saturday, 9 June 2012

Unknown Dirty Pink.

I have a confession to make. I have no clue which nail polish this is, besides - obviously - being Koh.
This polish (given to me by my aunt) is entirely devoid of all stickers, and even going through all the polishes Koh lists on their website I am no closer to finding out which one this actually is. I titled the post 'dirty pink' because that's how I interpret the colour, but it isn't their actual polish by the same name. Confusing, maybe. So, if you know which polish this is with some certainty, by all means enlighten me, because I'd very much like to know. 

Wearing this as to cut down my untried list, I didn't think too much of the colour at first. I wasn't entirely sure what colour to call it (in the lack of light in my bedroom, sometimes it's a real surprise what colour my nails actually are when I leave!) and thought it looked a bit weird with my skintone, but it's oddly growing on me now.
I'm hesitant to call this creme a nude.. it seems slightly too pink and with a hint of lilac, it's hardly 'natural'.

Took 3 coats to stop seeing a lot of nail, and it is a bit streaky.. so unless it's really, really your colour, I'm not sure I'd find it worth the price Koh slaps on their polishes.

My, my - I do apologise for two incredibly hum drum posts in a row! I'd love to sound more excited but alas, not all polishes can be magic in a bottle. Do forgive me, my dears.

Artificial light - flash.


  1. I do not Own any Koh polishes (on my wishlist!), so can't help you with the name. It's a pretty colour and like the name you gave it!

    1. Well they are pretty expensive.. and you often get the same quality in budget polishes, so they're hardly a must have.

  2. WOW, super mooie blog!
    Ik heb mijn blog gisteren een make-over gegeven, maar deze is echt kei mooi :$
    Zou je een kijkje willen nemen op mijn blog? Of mij misschien willen volgen?