Saturday, 30 June 2012

Queen of Greens.

Greetings, my loyal subjects.
Heh.. do forgive the pretentious blog title - but if you go back in my archives, it's not completely undeserved, it is ;)? Catrice's 'King of Greens' is a polish I kept seeing in shops and liked, but never took home with me because of the large amount of green polishes I own already, fairly reasonable, if you ask me (though quite frankly I am utterly amazed at the self control I managed to exert if you look at my track record for this type of thing).
Now, my bestest friend had asked me to pick her up a few Catrice polishes because my internship was located conveniently close to a place where they sell 'em, and they had an action on for 1 + 1 free.. so I couldn't let it go then, could I?

Beautiful green, leaning to the bluer end of the green-spectrum, the same good formula we're used to seeing in the average Catrice polish.. I'm happy with it!
Not a very exciting post, I do apologise, but I do feel compelled to keep updating about whatever I acquire!

Flash - artificial light.


  1. Nice to read a new article :-) Love green polishes as well and own a lot too! This one is very pretty!

    1. Good to be back ;)! Green is such a fantastic colour. I like to think there's a green for everything.