Thursday, 14 June 2012


I think I’m getting over my dislike of red polishes. This particular red polish Coral (185) by Koh. It’s a fun, summery, bright red that I put on in an attempt to coax the sun back out. It worked long enough to take a few pictures in, but it kind of ended there.. oh well! Another untried down. When you’re not having fun in the sun (in a badly lit bedroom, for example), it tends to lean to a vermillion/scarlet shade. I wouldn’t have labelled the polish coral personally, since true coral is more pinkish than this. It is a red leaning towards the pink spectrum, however. Sorry – I am an art student, unnecessary overanalysing of colours is sort of par for the course!
Artificial light - flash
It applied neatly in two coats and didn’t chip in the entire time I wore it (I believe a span of 3-4 days?). It has a very faint red-pink shimmer, but this polish isn’t massively sparkly. I for one am pleased with the formula of this polish, and I’d recommend it if you like the colour. (Top picture is most ‘real life’ colour-accurate.)


  1. I really doubt if red is the colour for me and if it's ok with my skin tone. So I understand your dislike. Great that your getting over it, because it looks lovely on you! Great colour!

    1. It's definitely not the easier colour to choose polishes in. I guess I just sort of like how it really pops. Thank you!