Tuesday, 5 June 2012


It's a bit silly, really. I intentionally started this blog in English - but the past few days I kept catching myself compiling posts for it in Dutch mentally. Oh well!

This is Nautica, from Catrice's 'Cruise Couture' LE. Meh. I'm not blown away. It started off quite badly - I found my brush to be a bit choppy, but was willing to write this off as simple bad luck and a manufacturing error. Nautica seemed to have quite a nice blue shimmer in the bottle, but on the actual nail I don't find it all that visible. Furthermore, it started to chip the same day I put it on! I apply all my Catrice polishes the same way - base coat, two layers and top coat, and for most of them that works fine. Apparently for Nautica, it wasn't good enough.

Flash - artificial light.
I think Nautica's problem is that it seemed a lot more impressive than it actually turned out to be. In the bottle, there's a hint of gray that may have given it an interesting dusky feel but it has all but disappeared on the nail, leaving an okay but hardly impressive blue.

After wearing it 'as is' for a day, I threw some flakies over it in the hopes to spruce it up a bit, but it didn't make it all that much better for me. The fact that it started chipping the same day I put it on (when I did no more with my hands than normal) is just a really heavy turn off for me. I have actually taken it off already, and don't think I'll be wearing this polish again too soon. I have prettier blues that do know how to stay put.


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    1. Thanks. It's a nice colour, it really is a shame it started chipping so fast!