Monday, 23 April 2012

Your faithful student..

Twilight Sparkle!
Sometimes I think my blog is just blue, green and purple polishes.. anyway.
My own personal Pinkie Pie One of my friends has not too long ago converted me to pony-dom, so logically nail art had to follow. And of who other than my favourite pony's cutie mark, of course. 

This is another one of H&M's 'Say No To Racism' set, by the name of 'Pale Violet'. I have previously reviewed & swatched Pear Icecream from the same set. Like the former, I'm not exactly impressed with the quality of this polish either. At 3 coats, it still doesn't cover as well as it should, but I have less complaints than with Pear Icecream. The pink is my remarkably-frequently-used-for-a-colour-I-don't-like 151, L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium, and the white is a Hema French manicure striper.


  1. Je blog is prachtig en je nagels ook! Je had gevraagd over de NYC topcoat; ik kan 'm je wel aanraden. Al denk ik dat elke matte topcoat op een gegeven moment wel weer glans krijgt. Ik ga je volgen!

    1. Bedankt! Ik zal 'm maar eens moeten uitproberen dan.. met degene van de Hema is de glans in mijn ervaring net té snel weer terug.