Saturday, 21 April 2012


Tuuurn and face the strange, ch-ch-change-- sorry. On with the post. 

One coat my ass.
To get on with trying my untrieds, I had to do some layering. The above is Rimmel 825 Sky High which, aside from being rather unfairly marketed as a 'one coat polish', is really a very nice colour and is just fine as long as you put on at least two. Which I did do after taking the above pictures. It's also not untried, I've worn it before.

The actually untried polish I wanted to try here was the Blaze polish that changes colour in sunlight. I've used polishes of the brand before, so I knew wearing just that would do a very poor job of covering my nail in less than 20 layers. Hence the layering with Sky High. Anywho, my Blaze bottle lacks stickering of any kind that could tell me the name, but a search on the product website leads me to think it's Tahitian Skies to Purple Rain. Bit of a mouthful. Personally, I think it leans more to a pink than a purple in the bottle.
I quite like the effect obtained from layering it over Sky High, gives it a bit of a mother of pearl look.

Before and after exposure to sunlight. Do forgive the lack of clean up, I ran outside to catch a bit of the sun before it'd disappear for the day!


  1. wauw! wat een mooie lakjes!
    en wat een prachtige nagels heb je trouwens (: