Sunday, 15 April 2012

Barely Matte.

I wanted to make the title of this post a race-related pun around the word 'matte', but I'm coming up empty. Why race-related? Because this Herôme W.I.C polish is Dakar! Obvious associations with the off-road race.
It's covered (and I use the term generously) by Hema's matte top coat. Which I am incredibly dissatisfied with. That's not matte! It's 'moderately less shiny-fied' at best! 
It also seems to wash off. Is that a regular thing with matte top coats? Either way, I intend to search for a better matte, because I've been unhappy with this one for quite some time now.
As for the purple, it's a good polish. Covers in two and is opaque. No shimmers in sight for this one. It's not very special but if you find yourself lacking a good 'base' purple in your collection, this one is well worth considering.
Artificial light - flash.

Please don't hesitate to recommend a good matte top coat ♥~

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