Monday, 9 April 2012

"Bagels and coffee!"

If the titular reference is unfamiliar to you, I'm going to guess you haven't seen Paul. Or.. maybe you have, but don't remember the line because you're not one of those people that feels they should commit all quotes to memory. But I digress.
April 6th was my 20th birthday, and on the day after a bunch of my friends came over. One friend and her boyfriend presented me with the two lovely Teeez polishes I've used here. I'd never used Teeez before, but it's certainly something I intend to do more in the future. The base colour 'Free 06' applied very nicely in two coats. The bright alieny green 'Big Apple' was lightly sponged on the tips.
Flash - bottles.
Unfortunately, it's currently raining, so these are all indoors pictures. Since they're taken so closely to the window, though, I think you get the general idea.
The sponging is subtle but it's such a nice sparkly green it's still noticeable.

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