Saturday, 27 July 2013

Objects out of Oslo.

You know me, folks, I like alliteration and puns in my titles.
Anyway! I return to you spoiled rotten from Norway, land of moose, trolls and vikings.

One of my first self-assigned duties was alphabetising my stash page. I'm a real sucker for that kind of thing so I'm not sure why I didn't do it before..
Moving on -
Here basically my Norwegian shoplog. Which is more of a gift-log, really. (Excluding Dive Bar nail polish, which already has its own post.)

Clothes 'n such!
Always good to kick off with shoes, right? (I'm not even sorry.) The only open-toe heeled shoe I've ever owned were returned sometime the same week because my feet wouldn't stay in them. With the straps in the back here it's no problem keeping them on. Purchased at Bianco.

Let us ignore how ludicrously young I look with my hair not straightened and no make up to be seen. It was too darn hot in here to really care. 
"I want to believe" + "Wild at heart and weird on top" tees come from Weekday.

Everything else! 
On the left, a nice soft, plaid back-pack (and the moose from the top there makes another appearance) bought at an interesting little place called Shangri-La. On the right, a bracelet I got that is basically a bigger version of the lip piercing I used to wear and a teeny tiny polar bear from the Historical Museum. He's so smaaaaall!
I love Doctor Who. A lot. And the Tenth Doctor is my absolute favourite and I've wanted his sonic screwdriver for a long, long time and now I have it. Woohoo!

I love to read so it's no surprise I came home with some books. I always come home with books.
One of the places we visited was the Munch museum, which is where the Munch book came from, and the two Neil Gaimans are just.. because I love Neil Gaiman. They (and the sonic screwdriver) came from Outland, a store I desperately wanted to take home with me but would most likely not have fit into my suitcase.