Monday, 26 October 2015

Outta My Skull.

More Halloweeny nails! I love doing them and I love seeing the influx of them all over the place.

A friend of mine had posted a picture of this H&M nail sticker set and I told her I loved them - and she sent them to me! An absolute darling. I can only say I'm very grateful because I love the collection of images present here.

I have skulls standing around all year.
Halloween or no Halloween.
Though it was the little alien heads that caught my attention initially, for this manicure I wanted to utilise the little skulls.

The stickers all seemed a little large to me initially but once applied it wasn't an issue.

When removing the sticker from the set I was a little surprised to find it was transparent instead of the white I was expecting, but by then I'd already coated the nail in Herôme W.I.C's 'Zagora 150'. I went ahead and applied it anyway and I can't say it looks any worse for it.
As for the rest of the nails, I wanted to complement the orange with a heavy black-white contrast. I'd considered using tape to separate the black from the white but it would have been far too clean for this look.  I wanted something grungy, and roughly sponged Catrice's '39 Black to the Routes' over 'P.S.' white so the distinction would be clear without becoming a smooth gradient.

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