Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I was looking for a nice combination of colours with which to do some stamping, and I had this sort of light-burgundy shade Konad stampy polish sitting around waiting for me (though it looks much lighter in the photo).

The BM21 plate has this almost Victorianesque set of filigree swirls on it which I'm very fond of and keep trying to use somehow, but my nails tend to be too long for it, since it's a full-nail image. Not now, though!

I thought the burgundy-ish colour would look good over purple, and used Herôme W.I.C.'s 'Rabbat 149' as a base with some gentle sponging of 'Athens 77' to give the tips a bit of a sparkle. The stamp was also gone over with a matt top coat.
Truth be told, I like the print more on the flat canvas of the plate than the curved surface of the nail. It loses its.. je ne sais quoi, somehow.

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