Thursday, 1 October 2015


Last weekend I had the privilege of attending a convention where Christopher Lloyd was one of the guests. I adore the man for not only his work in the Back to the Future films, but I watched The Addams Family movies to death in my childhood and am currently hooked on Taxi.
A part for every phase of your life.

When attending cons, I like to do nail art somewhat in theme with whatever franchise one of the guests I like is from - whether overt or more subtle - and this time I went for more subtle and stuck to the colour scheme of orange/yellow/blue you'll see on most Back to the Future posters and other imagery.

The yellow is Herôme W.I.C.'s 'Utreg 173', with a MAX nail art striper ('Neon Orange') for the lines. The orange is the only one in the ensemble that's a straight up opaque colour so it sets off nicely against the other two shimmery ones. Lastly, the blue is Koh's 'Midnight Blue (130)'.
Tape was used for the initial triangle shape with the orange parts done freehand.

A grand total of two days(!) before the convention I got stuck on the notion that I definitely should cosplay Marty McFly to the con, and to my great astonishment actually pulled it off.

With a €2,99 plain red t-shirt bought from the local Zeeman, I borrowed the rest together from friends, family and neighbours. Many thanks to all of them.
(Who even has one of those red vests nowadays? Turns out, my uncle's wife does.)

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