Tuesday, 3 November 2015

P.S., That's Hula-rious!

Here we've got a white polish from Primark's P.S. brand, I couldn't find a discernible name on the bottle anywhere and OPI'S 'That's Hula-rious!', a super cute mint shade.
What's interesting to me here is that Primark's polish, a budget one at its mere €1.50 and the OPI, retailing in the Netherlands around €14.95, have very similar issues.

My search for a good (and affordable) white nail polish is never ending and I'll be blunt in saying that the brush on this one is absolutely shit. It's a flat brush which I initially thought a positive, but the bristles are all over the place and make it hard to apply an even coat without scratching the one beneath it. It needed three frustrating coats to cover to a point where I was content with it. Despite that, I do really like the formula on this one. It's the only white in my collection so far that actually looks more like nail polish than white out. Decidedly a good thing, that. Until I find something with both a decent formula and a decent brush, I'm still going to consider this one a win.

The brush on 'That's Hu-larious!' has misbehaving bristles as well and similarly makes it a challenge to get a nice opaque coverage going. In its defense I will say that this particular shade of minty green is 100% my favourite of all minty polishes I've encountered so far. It's just so sweet and bright and fresh that I'll keep using it despite the non-ideal brush situation.

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