Sunday, 1 June 2014

You Belong to Rambo No. 5

And with this - another version of my beloved half rhombus - I complete the Catrice section of my Stash page. Post title is a mash-up of the two polishes used. The green is Catrice's '670 It's Rambo No. 5' and the mint blue is an Essence colour & go by the creepy name of '53 You Belong to Me'. No, nail polish, as a matter of fact, you belong to me. The 'colour & go' polishes were such a hit and miss in terms of quality that I almost never bought them for myself, but since they were very affordable I was often given them as little presents. This one falls under 'miss', which is a shame because I like the shade, but its coverage is terrible and the formula is very disappointing, very streaky. It is however fine for this type of thing.
Added a little rhinestone because I don't often do, and made the rest matte because I think it's suits the army green of Rambo.

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