Tuesday, 17 June 2014

And So On.

The idea was simple.
Take another set of brown and blue and do another nice little manicure.
It did not go the way I'd hoped. This mani seemed doomed from the beginning.

You know that colour that you LOVE, that's so beautiful in the bottle.. but.. that's really sheer, and basically useless? But you want to give it another chance despite knowing it's a bad idea?
NYC's '206 East Village' is that for me.

Because it's so sheer it would need about 10 coats to build up, I figured I'd layer it over a base white. And this white base is really awful and doesn't cover worth a damn either and I was up to way more layers than I had wanted to use at this point, and then the picture on the left happened. Picked up the brush handle thinking it was screwed on but .. well, you see for yourself.

I think it turned out alright in the end. Because it took so long to dry it ended up with some damage but it doesn't bother me too much.
Halfmoon shapes were achieved with reinforcement rings.

Blue NYC '206 East Village', brown NYC '220 Canal Street'.


  1. Jeetje, zat je niet mee... Rot is dat he! Maar resultaat is mooi, vind het een mooie combi!

    1. Na regen komt zonneschijn :). Thanks!

  2. Wat slim dat je er een witte lak onder doet, ik vind het resultaat erg mooi!

    1. Anders gaat 't zo lastig.. thanks!