Saturday, 5 September 2015

Run Like a Girl.

Yesterday was a special day for me, I participated in my first 5K race!

As it was a 'Ladies Run', everything was decked out in shades of pink and I felt that my nails should match, since most of my sportswear is either black or blue.

The weather was truly abysmal, it was in fact so bad I wasn't sure I would even go until about 10 minutes before my mother and I left home. Luckily, the weather got a little less harsh when the race began.
(Though it did start pouring again on the way back home, but it's never quite as bad when you know you're headed for a warm shower!)

The pink I wore (which went remarkably well with the medal) is Koh's '162 Passionate Pink'. I think it's definitely a most fitting name, since you definitely need to be passionate (or have something of a screw loose) to voluntarily run around in the rain!