Saturday, 29 August 2015

Brun Parnasse.

Inside, almost no light.
Swatched a while ago, as the miraculously longer nails probably gave away, is YSL's 'No20 Brun Parnasse'.

I think brown nail polishes are under appreciated, which is odd because they can go so well with so many things.
There are no issues with the application of this polish whatsoever - it covers very decently in two layers and has a very shiny finish.

The only thing I think is something of a shame is that, even at two coats, it looks very close to black unless held near a very bright light source. You just don't get to appreciate it for the colour that it really is if you're under the impression that it's black, you know?

I did take a picture in the bright sun, when there was such a thing to speak of. As I'm typing this it is absolutely pouring down. I rather fear the summer has well and truly gone. The picture does show what a nice shade it really is in the right light.

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