Friday, 18 September 2015

Infrequent French.

There's a saying in fitness - that the exercise you're not doing is the one you should be doing.

I believe the sentiment of that applies to many areas - the thing you prefer not to do because you might not be good at it, is something you ought to do because it is an area in which you can improve.
And it never hurts to improve.

For me, French manicures are such a thing. I avoid them because I'm not very good at them (and they're not really my aesthetic anyway) and thus my skill in them stagnates.

Long story short, I decided to give them another go after lord knows how long to get some practice in. I used a sticker guide, Essence's '03 Cotton Candy' as a base, and Safari's 'No 56' as the tip colour.

And after all that work, they didn't survive
a single weightlifting session and thus
only lasted one day. Go figure.


  1. Sorry it didn't last that long, but you still did a nice job anyway! Looks good ;)

    1. I probably would've gotten bored of them pretty soon anyway. Thank you :)!