Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Flomo.. Fromo.. Frarmar..

I went to Amsterdam with a friend a while ago and she was very adamant about taking me somewhere with 'great cheap nail polish' which is absolutely how you sell me on anything.

Oddly, I just can't seem to remember the brand name unless I'm looking directly at the bottle. It's Flormar. I don't think 3,50 a bottle is all that cheap. I have a lot of fancy nail polishes in my collection but at the end of the day I'm basically a cheapskate budget type of girl.

They did have a very nice collection from which to choose and I tried to narrow down some obvious favourites to things that would work to complement my stash and not just be the same thing in a different bottle. After prying my eyes away from some nice greens, I settled on this light blue. My friend vouched for the quality of the polish, and I don't really have a light blue that covers well and so the choice was made.

It goes by the name of 'JL09 Sky Blue' which is certainly appropriate enough.

I was a little concerned about taking home not just a light colour, but a light colour labelled jelly, as those are notoriously pretty sheer. I definitely love how bright and vibrant this colour is, but it doesn't really look like a real jelly finish to me.

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