Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from this pumpkin carved by my brother!

Another Halloween nail art from me! I had been wanting to do a second one, but couldn't quite decide until a friend gave me O.P.I.'s 'Shatter the Scales', a crackle polish from the Amazing Spider-Man Collection and I knew I had to incorporate it somehow.
On a more negative note, my computer is currently out of order so I have no access to Photoshop and am forced to use to edit my pictures. Which.. isn't great, but that's why things don't look as they usually do.
It came back to me on the other hand.

This adorable ghost is on a base of Max Factor's '16 Emerald' and the ghost itself is a Hema polish.
The orange is again Herôme W.I.C.'s 'Zagora 150' and the crackle I mentioned above. You can tell it had been some time since I'd used a crackle - I forgot you had to spread them thicker if you wanted bigger cracks.

On my thumb you will find the little ghost's slightly larger friend.
With a weird border around the text? I miss Photoshop.

I know that I definitely enjoyed seeing a lot of Halloween themed nail art this year, and I'm sad to see it go. Next year, however, our time will come again!

For now, I will just wish you...


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