Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gone Batty.

I'm one of those people for who the entire month 'October' is synonymous with 'Halloween'. And I finally managed to whip up some Halloween-themed nail art I'm proud to show off!
I mean, sure, I did do this stripey-gradienty style not too long ago.. I'm basically just a one trick pony, but the one trick looks good.
The orange is Herôme W.I.C.'s 'Zagora 150'. I wonder which Zagora it's supposed to refer to.. Morocco, Greece? Anyway. Black is YSL 'No56'.


  1. Toffe nail art! Origineel en perfect voor Halloween!

    1. Ik kon het niet maken dit jaar wéér niets leuks te doen voor m'n lievelings feestdag!