Tuesday, 15 July 2014

We're off to see the Wizard..

I was at the local Action not too long ago and rummaged through the nail polish trying to find a black I'd read some good things about, but after a thorough search I sadly concluded it must not be there. I didn't want to leave empty handed and for only €0.50 I decided I would then find something else I liked. It unsurprisingly turned out to be a green, going by the name of 'Emerald' (Max & More). And the first association there is of course...

The second post I got to pull out a Wizard of Oz reference for.

Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you get what you paid for, so I wasn't sure what to expect here. It was definitely a hit rather than a miss, this Emerald covered very well in two coats and is holding on strong so far. It's more shimmery than is visible in the top picture, but the bottom right one gives you a decent idea if you enlarge it.
I think it leans more towards turquoise than really emerald but either way it's a nice shade for no money at all. 

Artificial light, flash.