Sunday, 6 July 2014


I frequently complain about the white polishes I own, because quite frankly they're all terrible and I don't really have a good word to say about 'em. Miraculously, not today, friends! Not today.

There was a tourist market in the town I live, and there was a stand that had a ton of Safari polishes for a euro each. Safari is a budget brand I'd wanted to try before, but couldn't seem to find anywhere locally, and suddenly they appeared! This white is labelled 'No 56' and though not perfect, is probably the best white nail polish I've come across thus far. It has a thin brush and seems to be a bit prone to goopiness and stringiness, but I'm hesitant to thin it out since the formula is quite okay. It covered decently in two coats. I'm trying to be cautious with the positive descriptions, because though I'm pleased enough with this white, it's not some kind of holy grail.

This is more of an effect polish, and unfortunately comes without a sticker on the back so I don't know what it goes by. I can make out a barely visible stamp that looks like it says 'No 460', but it's barely legible and possibly not even the polish name, and my online search hasn't gotten me any further either.
Anywho, it takes a quick look at my blog to realise green and black are my favourite colours so I was instantly attracted by this one. It's pretty sheer and does not bring the green on its own. Since I'd already polished my nails white I didn't want to waste it and just layered it over that. I think it'll look better over a slightly darker shade of green more reminiscent of the bottle than it does in this very light state.

All in all not, bad for only €2!


  1. Witte Safari lak is top! En die speckles, wat leuk!

    1. Dankzij jouw gebruik ervan ben ik er bekend mee - dus bedankt!