Thursday, 3 July 2014

Got The Blues.

 Catrice '55 Get The Blues'.

Feeling rather like a declawed kitten with my nails so short, here is the first of my recently acquired polishes. Because sometimes I'm a clever girl and I read up on the things I put on my nails prior to applying them, I read this one was fairly sheer and it would help to layer it over black. I applied a thin coat of Catrice's '39 Black to the Routes' and Blues layered over it beautifully. I chose to do two thinner coats, but I think one thicker one would've done the trick just as well.

Depending on the light it shifts between blue/greens and purple/blues - my kinds of colours. I read things about Catrice changing their collection again in the not so distant future, so if this colour appeals to you don't wait too long!

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