Friday, 26 July 2013

Essie - Dive Bar

I have returned from Oslo, Norway. And I have brought back with me a bottle of Essie nail polish, which was given to me. Also happens to be my first experience with and polish of the brand.
It's Essie's '90 - Dive Bar'.

I think it's an absolutely stunning colour. I wouldn't classify it as a very strong duochrome out of bottle but the green can have that purple-y edge to it in the right light.

The manicure had been on my nails for a few days (nails polished in Norway, pictures taken back home) so it's seen a bit of wear and tear but it doesn't really detract from the colour.
It's fairly dark, which I usually feel suits the colder months better, but the shimmer makes it work in sunnier weather just as well.
The polish applies very nicely, covering nicely in two coats, although one would probably suffice for shorter nails.


  1. Heb 'm zelf niet maar wel vaker voorbij zien komen! Prachtig lakje! Wat heb je allemaal gedaan in Noorwegen?

    1. Thanks!

      Mijn vader woont daar, en hij had mijn vriend en mij uitgenodigd. O.a. natuurwandeling, bezoek aan Munch-museum, cultuur historisch museum, viking-schip museum, Nobel Peace Center en Vigeland-park.