Saturday, 11 May 2013

Good Riddance.

Polishing your nails is the fun part. Removing it.. less so. I now have three nail polish removal products in my possession, and I thought I'd write up a little article on how I find each method.

  • Ol' trusty bottled nail polish remover. In this case, Kruidvat's own brand, acetone free.
  • 'Quick & Easy' nail polish remover. Also Kruidvat, but other brands carry the same system as well. Acetone free.
  • Herôme nail polish remover pads, also acetone free.


    Bottled nail polish remover

Everybody's used it, I don't have much to say. Reliable in that there's not much that can go wrong, annoying in that you need the added product of cotton pads. With sufficient rubbing it gets the polish off. Can leave residue in the cuticle a bit.


'Quick & Easy' nail polish remover

I honestly had no real idea what to expect with this product. It seemed a little gimmicky to me so I was skeptical. I'm always reluctant to trust products that claim to be quick and/or easy. Still, worth a try, right?

I was very pleasantly surprised about the product.
Simply put, you stick your finger in there, and swoosh it around in the moist cushiony thing. Take it out, voila, nail polish gone. And your finger smells somewhat floral. It really works very well. No polish in the cuticle and no excess garbage in the form of cotton pads or whatever!

Nail polish remover pads

Herôme's nail polish remover pads; 30 thin little pads in a plastic box. Works in essentially the same way as the bottled nail polish remover except the remover is already in the pads. This much was obvious.
I'd also used these before so I had some bias. I'm just not a fan of them. It takes longer than bottled nail polish remover to get the nail clean, and I hate that it leaves your fingers so oily. Now, I for one, hate my fingers being icky. They eventually get your nails clean, but I've yet to be able to do an entire hand because I don't like the texture and oiliness of the pads. I tend to just use them for finger-clean up. 


  1. ik heb ook alle drie (alleen laatste vd action) en heb liever gewoon een fles remover!

    1. Ik blijf ook liever bij het oude vertrouwde, al was ik echt wel verbaasd hoe goed dat 'rare potje' werkte.