Friday, 17 May 2013

Diamond in..

"Diamond in the rough", get it? Because the bottle says.. nevermind.
One from Essence's 'Floral Grunge' LE, '05 Black to the Roots'. A not-truly-black-but-more-really-dark-gray with little silver shinies spread throughout that (unless tampered with) has a .. something between matt and 'regular' finish.
I didn't like the finish the polish itself had, so I covered most nails in regular top coat and did my ring fingers in matt. I didn't really like the application of the polish either. Dubious coverage and it took more than usual doing to get it on properly. Not one I'll quickly use again, I'm afraid.
I would've liked to do a neater half-moon mani, but the unpleasant application of the polish kind of made me throw the towel in. Meh.

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