Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Flash Gradient.

No Queensday nail art from me, I'm afraid! I'm not a great big fan of orange, and since I'll be away from home for tomorrow I don't want to be stuck with such a specific type of nail art.

Okay! I wanted to do something cool again. I love the complimentary contrast of green-purple, and these two are from Hema's Neon set (74 - purple, 75 - green). Though as somebody told me when I wore these colours once before "you can make even neon look dark".
I have only one gradient under my belt prior to this one (of which I sadly have no good pictures) so that's not much experience in the area. I didn't know if I was going to manage to blend these two very different shades well enough for my liking. Of course, it's not a perfect gradient - but I still think it looks pretty nice.

Lightning bolts are a gradient variation on this tutorial from Nailside.
Black is 'Black!' from Koh.
Picture taken out of direct sunlight.