Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another one of those.

This is my 50th post! Woohoo!

I say 'Another one of those' because this is another what I refer to as a half rhombus mani (also called a v-gap and several other things but I think half rhombus sounds about 20% cooler.). I really love them. This is the fourth I've done, I think. On we go!

It's Dior '903 - Black Ink', which is a dark blue that in most light - as implied - looks basically black.
Not the world's neatest mani, but I'm content with it. Only one layer of Black Ink over a lighter polish, so it doesn't look totally black. After years of wearing mostly black nail polish, I now rarely do.

Would you look at that stunning blue shimmer? It looks MARVELOUS out in the sun, it really does.
Deep, dark polishes really look their best in the brightest sun, don't you think? A little ironic perhaps, but I'll roll with it.

The polish underneath, however, I'm not so happy about. It's '04 - The Dawn is Broken' from Essence's Vampire's Love LE. I had an unfair prejudice against this polish to begin with because I don't care for Twilight in the slightest, and the dislike turned somewhat justified when it turned out I don't like this polish. At all.
Yuck. It looks gritty and it reminds me of cement. I sort of like the general idea of the polish, but it just doesn't look right. Largely hidden under the Dior polish I don't mind it so much, though. Still think I won't be using it again any time soon.

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