Saturday, 18 August 2012

Small Shoplog

I have on occasion been described as somebody that buys too many things. I probably am. Ordinarily, nail polish, books and DVDs - but here some other things I thought I'd share!
This necklace. Isn't it beautiful? I'm really very fond of old-timey, Victorian-looking things. I like this necklace because it's subtly steampunk, but still very much something you can wear on a daily basis without looking out of place. This is just something I stumbled upon in a shop I've been visiting since I was about 12 or so, and if you want one (or one like it - there's a variety) you can order them online at Dominia.

Yeah, yeah, August is almost halfway over and she still buys a pair of shorts. For long periods of time I was very strongly opposed against the idea of wearing shorts. Then I fell in love with this pair. The colour is just absolutely beautiful and I had to have them. I briefly despaired seeing they only had S and L left (figuring one would be too small and the other much too big) but I fit in the S with room to spare so I got my shorts after all! 
I am seriously lacking in trousers on which the zipper isn't broken, so, yeah. Haven't taken the tags off. Still unsure about whether to return them or not.

I guess I'm still a goth kid at heart? I've always wanted a pair of these. Doubt I'll actually where them much.. but who knows? Maybe when it gets colder, but not cold enough for proper gloves. Or Halloween.

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