Sunday, 6 May 2012


I've been dying to try the double lightning bolt as seen in a tutorial on Nailside, and when I bought Catrice 'C01 - Innocent Toxin' and NYC '206 - East Village' I knew I had to use them to do it. The separating lightning bolt is a Koh holo by the name of 'Metallic Green (127)'.
It didn't all go.. exactly according to plan. I did learn some valuable lessons for next time! For example, the drying time for holo polishes is so short that you can't do your whole hand and then go back and peel the tape off; it's really a one-at-a-time thing. And East Village turned out to be a lot sheerer than I had anticipated, resulting in me making a mental note to check the polishes I want to use before hand and not rush into an idea, no matter how nice it seems at first. Sadly it has been a teeny bit damaged already (as you can see on the ring-finger there), but packing will do that to your newly polished nails.

A decent looking, flashy (pun intended) mani, some experience gained and lessons learned!
What more could I ask for?


  1. This very original, in other protocols also be cool to see

    1. Hardly original since I followed a tutorial :).