Saturday, 19 May 2012


Catrice - 800  Heavy Metallilac
Okay. You - the one reading this. Yeah, you. You run out to the shop right now and you go buy yourself this purple.
*Ahem* I think that quite gave away how incredibly happy I am with this polish. It's really just.. beautiful. As I noted in a previous post, I bought this because I saw swatches on other blogs and basically fell in love with it. Now, wearing it in real life, I still am. I keep looking at my nails - it's just so darn pretty. I mean, sure, metallic purples have existed in the past and I'm sure will keep doing so in the future but.. I really love this one.
Sadly the full sun wasn't out when I took the picture, because it glistens in the light really nicely. It covered well enough to satisfy most people in two coats, but I opted for three to really get it looking its best. It's pretty much your standard Catrice polish when it comes to application.

Artificial light - flash.

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