Monday, 28 May 2012

'Tisn't the season.

The sun is shining, the temperature is a little higher than I'd like nice and what do I do? I slap a dark, dark green on my nails. Seasonally inappropriate! This not quite summery green is Catrice's '600 - After Eight', which is one of their old polishes. Though it's not necessarily the best colour for this time of year, I do think it's really quite beautiful. But then, I do love my greens. It applies smoothly and has a fair amount of shimmer to it.
This is the only picture I took, because I ruined it trying to put a gold crackle top coat over it (I could tell it was ruined in the bottle, but I'm stubborn..) and took it off, replacing it by a lighter green.
A definite bonus to this polish is that it lets itself be cleaned off very easily, which isn't always the case with darker colours.

What about you? Do you find the polishes you use influenced by the weather?
(On another note, I put all my nail polish up under 'My Stash'! Check it out :)! )